Set: morning skincare routine

Set: morning skincare routine

Our morning care set is ideal for anyone who wants comprehensive skin protection and hydration on a daily basis. It will be perfect for both travel and your daily skin care routine. If your skin needs hydration, regeneration and protection this set is just for you.

The set includes:

  • Clean Shot, an ultra-gentle facial cleansing foam
  • Serum Shot, a strengthening treatment for redness and capillaries with lactobionic acid 2%
  • Organic Aloe + Collagen, liquid eye patches to reduce dark circles and puffiness
  • Concentrated Formula, a lightweight skin care cream with SPF50

The first step is to cleanse the skin with Clean Shot ultra-gentle facial cleansing foam. This product perfectly cleanses the skin, and the active ingredients take extra care of the complexion: as d-panthenol has a soothing effect, niacinamide prevents water loss, and betaine moisturizes and softens.

The next step is to apply a serum. Shot Serum with Lactobionic Acid 2% intensively regenerates, soothes and strengthens the skin. Its lightweight, fast-absorbing formula makes application extremely pleasant and effective. The serum is ideal as a periodic treatment or as a preventive measure for vascular, sensitive skin.

The third step is the Organic Aloe + Collagen liquid eye pads, which reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness, moisturize and smooth the skin, and pleasantly cool and soothe. 

The last but most important step is to apply a light cream with SPF50 sunscreen. The formula, enriched with niacinamide, strengthens skin function, improving its condition and appearance. Thanks to photostable filters, the cream offers broad protection against the sun's harmful rays and counteracts photoaging

Makeup on such prepared skin will look perfect!

  • The set includes basic cosmetics for morning care
  • Practical solution: necessary products in one set
  • Ideal composition of active ingredients and formulas that work well in the morning
  • Thanks to the set you will quickly and effectively take care of all your skin needs
  • Ideal for travel and everyday use
  • The set is perfect as a gift for a loved one
Use Clean Shot ultra-gentle facial cleansing foam to refresh the skin and remove the residue of products applied in the evening. Apply Serum Shot fortifying serum with lactobionic acid to cleansed skin. Apply Organic Aloe + Collagen liquid eye pads. Finally, apply a light skin care cream with SPF50.

Set: morning skincare routine

Discover the secrets of perfect skin with our morning care kit. In one set you will find all the essential cosmetics that will make your skin smooth, well-groomed and radiant every day. The set includes: an ultra-gentle facial cleansing foam, a strengthening serum for redness and capillaries, liquid eye pads and a lightweight skin care cream with SPF50.

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Set: morning skincare routine
Set: morning skincare routine

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