Perfect Brow Make-up Set

Perfect Brow Make-up Set

This set comprises highly functional products that are essential in every makeup bag. It enables you to achieve complete eyebrow makeup without the need for additional cosmetics. With this set, you can effortlessly create a flawless makeup look in just a few steps, enhancing your gaze and adding color to your brows.

The set includes:

  • Multipeptide serum for eyelash and eyebrow growth
  • Micro Precise Brow Pencil Ultra-precise eyebrow pencil (any color)
  • Brow&Go Strong eyebrow styling gel
  • Single eye shadow (No. 21)

Eyebrow makeup is an essential element that shouldn't be overlooked in both daytime and evening makeup routines. It frames the eyes and adds charisma, even to a simple look!

The Multipeptide Serum contains peptides and amino acids, which strengthen and volumize eyebrow hairs. Hyaluronic acid and d-panthenol ensure proper hydration and improve their overall condition. Additionally, Widelash™ stimulates eyebrow growth and prevents loss.

The Micro Precise Brow Pencil is an ultra-precise eyebrow pencil that enables you to create thin, hair-like strokes, helping you fill in your eyebrows for a natural look. Its long-lasting, smudge-proof formula is effortless to apply and comes in three different colors, so you can choose the perfect match for your brows!

The Brow&Go strong eyebrow styling gel is designed to perfectly fix and tame even the most unruly eyebrow hairs. Its tiny brush ensures precision, while the micro-fibers add full volume to your brows, effectively filling in any sparse areas.

You can gently apply a light shadow under the eyebrow line - this will enhance its shape.

  • Practical solution: the set includes products for complete eyebrow makeup
  • Perfectly styled, shaped and filled eyebrows
  • Precise and easy application
  • Long-lasting and natural effect 
  • You can give the set as a gift 
Be sure to apply the serum regularly. Use a crayon to fill in your eyebrows, and use a gel to give them the desired shape. Finally, use a light shadow to enhance the final effect.

Perfect Brow Make-up Set

Beautiful eyebrows are your dream? Do you want them to be visible, slightly emphasized? Give them shape and beautiful color. Create the perfect eyebrow make-up in four easy steps. Each type of product, offers unique advantages designed to achieve a specific effect on the eyebrows. The kit includes: a multipeptide serum, a precision eyeliner, a strong styling gel and a single eye shadow

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Perfect Brow Make-up Set
Perfect Brow Make-up Set

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