Multifunctional cosmetics set

Multifunctional cosmetics set

Why will you love this set? Because multifunctional cosmetics are economical - one product will replace several others. For this reason, they also do not take up too much space in the bathroom. They work well both in daily care, and when traveling or on vacation. In addition, they save time spent in front of the mirror. 

The set includes:

  • Moisturizing and Protective Face Cream SPF 50 Vitamin C 3x Action  
  • Diamond Glow lip gloss with hyaluronic acid (choose color)
  • Tonic&hydrolyte Clean Shot 
  • Liquid eye pads to reduce dark circles and puffiness Organic Aloe + Collagen 
  • Ultra-hydrating mask with hyaluronic acid

Moisturizing and Protective Face Cream SPF 50 Vitamin C 3x Action, thanks to its high SPF 50 filter and vitamin C content, not only protects the skin from harmful UV rays, but also intensively nourishes and brightens the complexion - it will prove to be a perfect day cream.

Diamond Glow Lip Gloss with Hyaluronic Acid provides lips with extraordinary shine and hydration, being an ideal choice for any occasion. Use it in day or evening makeup, and thanks to the best nourishing ingredients it will also work as a regenerating lip balm.

Tonic&hydrolyte Clean Shot instantly hydrates the complexion thanks to a 5% electrolyte complex, offering fast absorption and maximum comfort. Use it in your morning or evening skincare routine as a skin toning step, but also during the day as a hydrolat: it refreshes the skin perfectly.

Don't forget the Organic Aloe + Collagen liquid eye pads, which reduce signs of fatigue and provide deep hydration. It's an ideal eye cream, but at the same time cooling flakes to reduce puffiness.

The ultra-hydrating mask with hyaluronic acid will be an excellent regenerating treatment for your skin. It will successfully replace serums, thanks to the wealth of active ingredients and concentrated formula.

  • The set contains products that provide sun protection, hydration, nourishment and skin revitalization
  • The multifunctionality of the products allows you to reduce the number of cosmetics necessary for daily care
  • An ideal choice for travel, vacations and excursions 
  • A set composed of bestsellers
  • Products are designed to make application simple and enjoyable
  • Regular use ensures reduction of signs of fatigue, smoothing and improvement of skin elasticity
Apply SPF 50 cream every morning to enjoy protection and hydration. Apply Diamond Glow lip gloss anytime, for extra hydration and shine. Use toner&hydrolyte in the morning, evening and throughout the day, for a refreshed and hydrated complexion. Use eye patches when you need to reduce signs of fatigue, and use the Hyaluronic Acid Mask as a moisturizing treatment.

Multifunctional cosmetics set

This set is a multifunctional cosmetics that will work well both in the daily routine and during trips, simplifying and maximizing daily care. This is an innovative solution for all those who appreciate convenience, efficiency and top quality. The set includes SPF 50 cream, lip gloss, toner-hydrolyte, liquid eye pads and a moisturizing mask.

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