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Make-up sponge

Imagine your facial products blending with ease and precision into the subtle contours of your face for a smooth and natural effect. Thanks to our sponge, this doesn't have to be a dream anymore! No more struggling to apply concealer under your eyes or in the corners of your face. The sharp end of our sponge has been specially designed for these tasks. The flat parts will easily cope with the distribution of foundations, liquid blushes, bronzers and highlighters on the forehead, chin and cheeks. It's just makeup magic in your hands!

  • Does not contain latex
  • Recommended by makeup artists
  • Pleasant to apply products
Before use, wet the sponge and drain off excess water. After drying, it will increase in volume. Then blend the sponge with your chosen product (foundation, primer, powder, blush, or any other makeup product) for a perfect finish. Wash the sponge. Let it dry. Cleaning method: Use mild soap and plenty of water to clean the sponge. Squeeze out, dry. We do not recommend using liquid soap.

Make-up sponge

Introducing our multifunctional makeup sponge - an indispensable tool for every woman, recommended by leading makeup artists. It is designed to make your makeup look not only flawless, but also pleasant to apply.

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