Klaudia Fekner's Set: Acne-Prone Skin Care

Klaudia Fekner's Set: Acne-Prone Skin Care

The set of products selected and recommended by Klaudia Fekner addresses the needs of those struggling with problematic skin. Each cosmetic has been carefully chosen to provide comprehensive care, covering all necessary steps to make your skin smooth, hydrated, and healthy

The set includes: 

  • Clean Shot Ultra-Gentle Facial Cleansing Foam 
  • Clean Shot Tonic-Hydrolat 
  • Serum Shot Imperfection Treatment 10% Niacinamide 
  • Rich Coconut Ultra-Rich Coconut Eye Cream 
  • Rich Coconut Multi-Moisturizing Coconut Face Cream 
  • Face Therapy Professional Moisturizing Cream SPF 50 

Clean Shot Ultra-Gentle Facial Cleansing Foam gently but effectively removes makeup and impurities while hydrating the skin during cleansing. Its unique formula combines a 2% D-panthenol complex, niacinamide, and betaine to provide maximum benefits to the skin. 

Clean Shot Tonic-Hydrolat has a lightweight formula that absorbs quickly without weighing down the skin, preparing it for the next steps in skincare. The 5% electrolyte complex works at the cellular level to restore balance and optimal hydration. The tonic is enriched with rose, green tea, and neroli hydrolats that soothe, regenerate, and refresh the skin

Serum Shot with 10% Niacinamide acts like a magic filter, reducing excess sebum and imperfections. The serum contains zinc, which accelerates skin regeneration and soothes inflammation

Rich Coconut Ultra-Rich Coconut Eye Cream reduces dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, smooths, and hydrates. The cream is rich in natural ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, and hyaluronic acid, deeply nourishing and regenerating the skin to restore its healthy appearance. 

Rich Coconut Multi-Moisturizing Coconut Face Cream provides extra hydration, is lightweight, and absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy residue. It illuminates the skin, giving it a radiant and glowing appearance. It contains sea salt extract and raspberry extract, which work together to regenerate and soothe irritated and red skin

Face Therapy Professional Moisturizing Cream SPF 50 offers effective protection against harmful UV radiation, which can exacerbate skin problems. The lightweight, non-greasy formula makes it perfect for daily use, improving the condition and appearance of the skin. It also contains skincare ingredients like hyaluronic acid, which strengthens the skin's natural protective barrier and ensures optimal hydration.

  • The set contains essential cosmetics for daily skincare
  • Practical solution: necessary products in one set. 
  • Ideal composition of active ingredients and formulas. 
  • Cosmetics reduce imperfections, regenerate, and hydrate the skin. 
  • The set makes a great gift for a loved one. 
  • Cosmetics are recommended by a well-known influencer: Klaudia Fekner
Cleansing: Apply a small amount of foam to damp facial skin, gently massage, then rinse with water. Toning: Apply the tonic-hydrolat to a cotton pad or directly to your hands, then gently pat onto the facial skin. Serum: Apply a few drops of serum to the skin, gently massage, and leave to absorb. Eye Care: Apply eye cream in the morning and evening, gently patting with fingertips. Moisturizing: Apply the cream to the entire face, gently massaging it into the skin. UV Protection: Apply an appropriate amount of cream to the face, neck, and décolletage, spreading evenly.

Klaudia Fekner's Set: Acne-Prone Skin Care

Discover a comprehensive skincare set for acne-prone skin recommended by Klaudia Fekner. Perfectly matched products provide effective cleansing, hydration, and regeneration of the skin, reducing imperfections and restoring a healthy appearance. The set includes: a gentle facial cleansing foam, tonic-hydrolat, niacinamide serum, eye cream, face cream, and SPF 50 sunscreen. 

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Klaudia Fekner's Set: Acne-Prone Skin Care
Klaudia Fekner's Set: Acne-Prone Skin Care

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